Monday, 24 February 2014

Okay, real work pays the bills but...

For a coupe of weeks now I had no free time to paint more of the wedding gift madness.  However in a short lull I got a couple of hours to work on more of the detailing.

The central background building is coming along, but still needs finishing.

Of course I could keep on saying that for... well... years.  Knowing when to stop is always tricky.

Although on some sections it is easier to know there is work to be done.

I think the trick is to step away from the canvas for a few days.  Returning to it I tend to see all the bits that need a little more love.

Still working on paying the bills so progress will continue to be sporadic and slow for a while.

Being able to swap between playing with pixels and paint helps to keep me a little bit sane.