Saturday, 5 July 2014

Right then.

It took a while to finish and then another while to dry followed by a further while to find a suitable collection date. However, after all those whiles, Lauren and Steve have seen it now and taken it away so I can finally post the finished image.

So, erm...   Here you go.

I have learned SO much from completing this one.  It has effected everything that I have painted since.  Of course it would be very different if I were to start again and it would take half the time!  It is not perfect, but it is a painting not a photo so I am calling the imperfections artistic...

The relatively newlyweds seemed happy with it.  So Phew...

They brought me very lovely beers and a fine bottle of gin when they picked it up, so I love them even more now.


Onto the next thing I guess.

Which is Sheffield's Art in the Garden's Portraits of Distinction.

This year the subject is Pulp drummer Nick Banks.

I came second place last year so I will just have to try harder this time wont I?

I feel that it is coming along quite well so far.