Thursday, 16 January 2014

And then there was more

After a bit of faffing, prevarication and changing my mind while no-one was looking I coloured in the image, to let Lauren and Steve see something a bit closer to what I hoped the oil painting might look like.  If you squint and blur your eyes a bit :D

Oh there is now a wolf ( Fenrir ) and the serpent ( J√∂rmangandr ) and the flame giant ( Surtr ).

It was agreed that this looked okay.  But I felt I had to show them the image with a bit more detail.  I was not happy with the flame giant, or the wolf or the serpent either so I gave them another go. Also they asked for a couple of the zombies to look like three of their friends  -  sorry Karl, Liz and Neil.

That is close enough for me to get on with the painting.  Not panicking at all.  No me.  No way.  Well maybe a little a bit.