Monday, 20 January 2014

Not as exciting I'll admit, but...

Next step.  Buy a lovely canvas from Pinders (Sheffield supplier of art materials and printing), draw all over it.  In blue pen because it was the first one I found.

Yes I did draw a grid out, just to speed things up.  Once the oil paints start going on it will be more or less ignored in favour of whatever works the best.

A white canvas with a drawing on it can be daunting.  I mean, where do you start painting?

I get over this by applying rough tonal values using very thinned down oils - in this case Daler Rowney burnt umber, because I have a lot of it.

Already I feel much more at ease.  For a while.  I know the faces don't look much like Lauren and Steve yet, but this is just a guide.  They will be the last thing I paint.  This is mostly because I find painting a background up to the edge of a face really tricky.  I will save the worry about "can I paint their faces" for later.  Definitely not thinking about that now... at all...

Where on earth should I begin the actual oil painting? It is a pretty big canvas (60x90cm) with lots going on.